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5 Elements of a Good Social Media Profile – Printing Impressions

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If you want to be successful on social media you need to have a great profile

In my last article we discussed why only people with a compelling social media profile win new business. I also told you that a successful social media profile has five key elements. Finally, I promised that I would reveal these elements to you today!

So here we go! These are the five elements:

1. Target market

Just as in any sales message, a social media profile only works if it is directed at a specific type of person. It is important to understand whom you want your social media profile to be directed at. What is your ideal type of customer? If you don’t know this, you cannot put the right information on your profile.

2. Interesting job title

This is the element that prospects see first. Saying you are a sales manager at a printing company is not going to encourage them to find out more. You have to have something more attention grabbing. I’ll be writing more about this in my next article.

3. Engaging imagery

We live in a visual world. A lot of people get their profile picture totally wrong. Many do not have one. Others post an entirely inappropriate picture. And few people make the best use of the background image opportunities that can be used on many social media platforms.

4. Customer-focused summary

Many people write a summary that is all about themselves. It is far better to make it all about the type of prospect that you want to engage. Your summary is your initial sales pitch. Not all social media platforms have space for a detailed summary: you need to think about where else you can place your summary.

5. Call to action

Are you telling visitors to your profile what you want them to do next? You should always encourage people to take a next step.

Have you worked on all of these elements in your social media profile?

If not, it may be the reason you are not winning as many clients as you could though social media.

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