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Calls on rise to mobile crisis line – WNYT

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Calls to the Mobile Crisis line – 518-292-5944 – are up, according to David Rossetti, LCSW-R, the Chief Officer of Behavioral Health with Northern Rivers. He says there were nine calls Friday and six on Saturday.

“To have people talking and people are actually calling to say something’s going on and I just need to talk or something with my friend is going on and I’m concerned,” Rossetti said. “How can I talk to my friend? What can I do to help my friend?”

His teams that take the calls are set up for both adults and children.

“We’re a society that is so afraid to talk about suicide,” Rossetti said. “We have to talk about it. It’s ok for a parent if something is going on with your kid it’s OK to ask.”

Recent reports in East Greenbush include:

April 4

-A 60-year old town man contacted in his health care provider saying he was fighting depression and that he kept thinking about ways to kill himself. Police took the man into protective custody.

-A mother called 911 when her 17-year old daughter complained of weakness and depression and couldn’t get out of bed. An officer responded and the girl eventually said that she had taken a bottle (30 doses) of an unidentified depressant. She was rushed to Samaritan Hospital in protective custody.

-Parents called 911 after their 19-year old daughter became enraged and grabbed a knife intending to cut herself. Police took her into protective custody.

-County Crisis Line counselors received a text message who said she wanted to kill herself. Sheriff’s traced the phone number to a Troy address, went there to find the cell phone’s owner, a 16-year old girl, was staying at an East Greenbush residence. An Officer was dispatched and found her. She thought that suicide by taking pills would solve all her problems so she was taken into protective custody.

-A 73-year old man told a health care provider that he was tired of being a burden on his family and would just like to find a way to kill himself. Police took him into protective custody.

April 5

-A father called police out of concern for his 27-year old son who had been up all night yelling and screaming in his bedroom. An Officer responded and found the man still in his bedroom. He told the officer that he was on the phone all night with a girl who he has known for five-years but has never met. He said that she drives him to do crazy things like cut himself and other self-destructive acts. He was taken into protective custody.

-A mother called police to report that her 19-year old son was very upset and had just run out of the house saying that he was going to kill himself. An Officer found the young man in a nearby parking lot, where he told the officer that he wanted to impale himself with a knife. He was taken into protective custody.

-A 25-year old town man, under the out-patient care of Albany County Mental Health Services, made statements to members of the health care staff and said he had no intention of returning for treatment. He was taken into protective custody on a physician’s order for a mental health evaluation.

-A father called 911 after his 19-year old daughter began talking out loud that life was not worth living. An Officer responded and talked with her where she described how she has been thinking of stabbing herself with scissors. She was taken into protective custody.

While in protective custody, all individuals receive services at Samaritan Hospital‘s regional mental health reception center, police said.

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