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As the Alexa developer community has grown, we’ve been humbled by the contributions of enthusiastic developers who have created new tools and tutorials, educated other developers in forums, online training and meetups, and shared their Alexa story on blogs and social media. Alexa Champions is a recognition program designed to honor the most engaged developers and contributors in the community. Through their passion and knowledge for Alexa, these individuals continue to educate and inspire other developers in the community – both online and offline.

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Interview with Travis L. Teague – A Leader in the Alexa Developer Community

on February 22, 2017 at 10:28 am

Voicebot recently caught up with Travis L. Teague, a pioneer in the Amazon Alexa development community, to get his take on the current state of voice application development on the Alexa, Google Home and Mycroft platforms. Travis was developing skills for PDAs in the 1990s and has worked with voice interfaces for several years. He also is the moderator of both the Alexa and Google Home Slack groups.